How to Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level With engage™

March 15, 2021
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Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with engage™

Digital marketing tools are at the heart of your business's growth and development efforts. These solutions give you the capability to do more and be more for your customers, as you maximize revenue and build lasting relationships.

Enter engage™. We have designed an app and platform that provide a complete marketing solution for your team, optimizing your customer acquisition and retention efforts.

Read on to learn more about the key advantages of engage™ for marketers.

Get to know your customers inside out

Customer knowledge is pivotal to your business's success. You need to know exactly what your customers are looking for in the market, what is causing them pain or frustration, and how you can position your products and services in the most attractive way possible.

Much of this knowledge comes from engagement. Without engagement, you can't interact with your customers and discover more about them, and you cannot derive the data you will rely on as you dazzle them with your products and services. The engage™ platform and app were designed with this in mind.

With engage™, you will be able to gather crucial data related to customer purchases and the motivations for these purchases. You can put this knowledge to good use as you develop the next raft of products and services for these customers. What's more, you will also be able to analyze what's not working for your customers and work on putting this right.

Recognize customer journeys and pathways

Where are your customers coming from? Are they clicking on promotional emails, or are they finding you on social media? Are they responding to word-of-mouth reports from friends or family, or are they following up on an ad they spotted online? All of this data is vital — without it, you won't know which areas of your ad spend are working and which ones need to be tweaked.

Of course, this is only a very small part of the customer journey. After your customers — or potential customers — have connected with your business, what comes next? Do they make a purchase straight away, or do they browse your content or even reach out for further information and support? And how about after this — are you maximizing the value you achieve from each customer? engage™ can help optimize the customer journey towards conversion and beyond, and can offer valuable customer insight that helps you understand exactly how your lead-nurturing funnel supports these journeys.

Manage your reputation online

Impress your customers with great products and great customer service, and they are likely to tell their friends. However, give them a bad experience, and they are likely to tell even more people about it — over 50% more on average.

Reputation is important for your business. Research shows that 85% of consumers put as much trust in online reviews as they do on personal recommendations, while 60% say that negative reviews would dissuade them from using a business's products and services. Understanding — and optimizing — your online reputation is something you need to be doing.

We designed engage™ to help you track your online reputation, identifying where bad reviews and negative publicity are found. This gives you the opportunity to respond positively to legitimate reviews and challenge false or fraudulent reports. The power is back in your hands.

Reach your customers, wherever they are found

The online marketplace is a vast and diverse one, and your customer base reflects this. Your customers interact with you and your business from a multitude of different locations and across a plethora of different devices. What's more, you need to be able to provide the same high level of experience and nurturing to each and every one of these customers.

Let's consider geographic locations first. The engage™ platform can provide your marketing teams with the geo data they need to hone their campaigns and reach customers on a more meaningful level. This translates to more successful campaigns and a better return on investment when it comes to advertising.

And how about devices? engage™ helps here, too, providing key pieces of marketing data that you can use to assess web performance across different devices, ensuring a positive experience for all visitors.

Handle relationships the right way

Marketing is no longer about high-value, one-off connections with customers. It is now a much slower, more considered process of nurturing and relationship development, as you vie for your customers' attention in the marketplace and position your products ahead of those of your competitors.

But, while you may want to build one-on-one relationships with your customers and clients, this is impossible. Instead, a compromise is needed — a compromise in the form of buyer segments and profiles.

Your customers will likely fit into one or several general categories based on their background, motivations, and personal likes and dislikes. With the data you draw from the engage™ platform, you can hone these profiles into even narrower segments. From here, you can deploy automated marketing solutions to support your teams and reduce labor and costs along the way.

This is the beginning of great relationships between you and your clients, as you get to know them better and they grow to know you as their go-to for key products and services.

Secure intellectual property

Counterfeiting and theft of intellectual property are plaguing businesses the world over. The fashion and pharmaceuticals sectors experienced the greatest losses from counterfeiting in 2020, totaling more than $31.6 billion and $12.16 billion, respectively, but businesses across many other markets were also heavily affected.

Here at engage™, we set out to address these issues. We wanted to create a platform that would give business owners the chance to register their products and strike back against the fraudsters who are doing so much harm. At the same time, we wanted to craft an app that would give consumers the chance to protect themselves against fraud and verify the statuses of the products they interacted with.

This is precisely what the engage™ app and platform achieve. We are proud to be on the frontline of innovation in the battle against fraud.

Bring everything together

We believe that the best digital marketing tools should be accessible and easy to use. Both the engage™ platform and app are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, providing a centralized hub from which to manage engagement across many different levels. In this increasingly distributed world — where customers and remote teams are found in ever more far-flung locations — this point of centrality is essential.

With this innovative marketing solution, you will find everything you need in one convenient location as you push your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.

It's time to engage: take a tour of the app and platform today

Are you ready to engage? Request a FREE DEMO of engage™ and learn more about the benefits this digital marketing solution provides for your business.

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