Ensure Authenticity of Wines & Spirits to Encourage Customer Loyalty

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Protect your brand and deliver genuine products

For wine and spirit makers, reputation is everything. Customers who buy wines and spirits from reputable brands expect high-quality, authentic products that adhere to the highest industry standards.

However, the more exclusive and reputable the brand, the higher the threat of counterfeiting, which can jeopardise the relationship with consumers. That’s where engage comes in.

Ensure loyalty from wine & spirit customers

engage unlocks a wealth of actionable data related to buyer preferences, behavior, and location, allowing brands to fine-tune their marketing and sales efforts to focus on the right markets.

Wine and spirit brands can activate special officers, re-marketing campaigns, and loyalty programs to keep users engaged and foster loyalty - all in one place.

Take full control of your business

Our cloud-based, all-in-one solution allows brands and consumers alike to ensure the authenticity and compliance of products.

With a simple scan on a smartphone, users can get information regarding authenticity and origin, and access special offers and loyalty programs. At the same time, brands get to oversee and manage their global supply chain, and leverage geo-location tools to identify issues in real time.
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Digital solutions to boost engagement and maintain reputation

Protect your brand. Identify counterfeiting attempts in real time
Maintain brand image and reputation by providing customers with genuine, quality products
Boost marketing and sales efforts by keeping customers engaged
Unlock actionable data concerning buyer behavior and preferences
Leverage geo-location tools to oversee the product-to-user journey
Deploy instant win campaigns, loyalty programs, and special offers

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use engage to check the authenticity of my wines & spirits?

To verify the authenticity and compliance of wines and spirits, and to get product information and participate in special offers and campaigns, you simply use your smartphone camera to scan the security label (tax stamp or hologram) on the product you’re interested in.

What types of products can be scanned with engage and how does it work?

You can use engage to scan all types of alcoholic beverages, from wine bottles to brandy, whiskey, gin, or rum. With just a smartphone camera scan, you get to verify the authenticity of your product, participate in special offers and campaigns, save your favorites for repurchase, and provide feedback and reviews.

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