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Protect your brand from counterfeiting attempts

Pharmaceutical goods are a key target for counterfeiters due to the high monetary value they can generate. Such counterfeits can simply be ineffective, but in a worst-case scenario, they can cause additional suffering or serious side effects.

When a pharmaceutical brand is compromised by counterfeiters, then the medical establishment becomes reluctant to prescribe those products. This is where engage comes in.

Engage securely with your prescription medicines

engage gives the pharmaceutical consumer 100% confidence in the medication they have been prescribed.

With a simple scan from their smartphone, they can get instant verification that the medication is genuine, along with other vital information such as dosage, storage, shelf-life, and side effects. 

Verify your pharmaceutical products - instantly

engage provides pharmaceutical brands with an effective anti-counterfeit weapon that allows end users to play an active part in reducing counterfeits. While there are traditional security features available, such as holograms, they rely on the end user knowing what to look for.

This is where engage breaks the mold by giving the end user instant verification at the point of purchase, by simply using their smartphone. This authentication can be done by the medical practitioner, the dispensing chemist, the consumer, or all of the above, ensuring confidence that the end users receive the medication they need.
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Instant engagement, right from the app

Instant end user verification
Easy-to-access information regarding the medication
Brand protection for the manufacturer
Continuous feedback regarding the geographic distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

How does engage help the end user verify their prescriptions?

Prescriptions can be authenticated with a smartphone by the end user or by the pharmacist. Our research and experience shows that a medical practitioner is more likely to prescribe a medication when they can verify and authenticate it, leading to a larger market share for products that can be easily verified.

What other information can the end user access?

engage allows the end user to access important information regarding dosage, possible side effects, shelf life, etc., in multiple languages.

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