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Protect brand equity and revenue by ensuring the validity of tax stamps

Government revenue protection is becoming increasingly important, which is why securing the validity of tax stamps is a top priority for manufacturers and brands.

Avoiding counterfeiting of tax stamps while providing customers with genuine, law-compliant products can easily be achieved with engage.

Foolproof validation, right in the app

Our easy-to-use smartphone app allows users to instantly verify the validity of tax stamps and ensure that they’re getting the right product. engage also empowers revenue inspectors to validate the authenticity of tax stamps with a simple tap on a smart screen, eliminating the need for costly readers and saving time.

Security features like holograms allow visual authentication, however, as counterfeiting methods evolve, inspectors require a lot more information in order to assess a tax stamp’s validity. Our cloud-based app unlocks all the necessary, real-time information required to ensure the authenticity of tax stamps and protect your brand’s image and equity.
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Instant verification and engagement, right from the app

Verify security features and authenticity with an easy-to-use, encrypted smartphone app
Track and trace the product’s origin and identify when and where the stamp was applied
Make sure the product complies to regional, national or international regulations
Keep an open line of communication with customers to identify issues

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products carry tax stamps?

Tax stamps are applied on all products required to pay taxes like excise duty. Through tax stamps, governments can monitor how many products are sold by each manufacturer, and make sure that the appropriate VAT and taxes are paid. Usually you’ll find tax stamps on alcohol and tobacco products.

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