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9 Innovative Uses of QR Codes, and How You Can Use Them to Your Advantage
QR codes are revolutionizing marketing, but this is not happening by accident! Instead, it is the work of innovative businesses and forward-thinking marketers who are bringing about this change.
Why remarketing should be an integral part of your digital/product marketing strategy
With the right remarketing strategy, you can experience significant revenue gains for your business. But what exactly can you do with remarketing? Why is a remarketing campaign strategy so vital to you and your business? In our latest article, we examine this in more detail.
8 myths about product marketing, debunked
Marketing myths are killing businesses! Let's take a look at 8 of the most common myths about digital marketing and put them right.
What is mobile marketing and how can your brand make the best of it?
What is mobile marketing? Marketing your products and services directly to mobile users is something you need to be doing. Learn more about mobile marketing trends and strategies in our latest article.
Branding vs marketing: what's the difference and which should you choose for your business?
Branding vs marketing. What's the difference, and what's the best strategy for your business? How about sales and advertising — and how do you structure your approach to all of these crucial components? Find out more in our latest article.
What is Product Marketing and How Can You Unlock Its Benefits in 2021?
What is product marketing? Is your product marketing plan performing at its best in 2021? In our latest article, we look at how you can unlock the benefits of a sound product marketing strategy.
Mapping out your customer journey to drive business growth
Your customer journey map is critical to your growth as a business. But how do you map the customer journey and influence the route your customers take to conversion and beyond? Learn more in our latest article.
Why customer loyalty is crucial to any brand, and how to improve it with engage™
How to increase customer loyalty? There are many different ways to achieve this, but which are the most cost-effective and efficient? Let's take a look at brand loyalty and how to increase this customer loyalty in a meaningful way as you target long-term value from your customers.
5 Ways Digital Loyalty Programs Help Your Brand
A digital loyalty program enables you to provide even more to your customers and get even more from them as you develop your understanding and hone your buyer profiles.

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