10 Things We All Hate About Brand Marketing

March 15, 2023
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By Jennifer Gengler

Brand marketing is a crucial part of running any business. It involves many processes that range from building a brand image to creating a social media audience for the brand.

While certain parts of it are interesting, others can also be stressful.

Take a look at the following infographic. These are some of the most annoying parts of brand marketing. I will explain you not only why they are (secretly) hated by most of us but also about the best strategies to overcome them.


Infographic about the 10 most annoying challenges when creating brand marketing
Brand marketing is a serious business and not always funny

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These are the 10 most annoying and difficult to handle marketing related tasks, ranked in the increasingly more challenging order:

1. Keyword Research For Website

Creating a website and promoting it is a huge part of brand marketing.

When it comes to websites, some parts of it such as creating a logo for your ecommerce site is easy while keyword research for SEO optimization can be quite complex. It requires a great deal of research to find out the right keywords that would rank high on Google. These keywords are then inculcated in the content on the website in a way that the content still makes sense. Different tools are used to find long-tail keywords with high search volume.

This can definitely be hard at times but this is an important part of branding that can help you achieve great results in terms of engagement and growth.


2. Complications Of Social Media

Navigating social media with the aim of brand marketing is definitely not an easy task.

It requires a lot of research and yet, does not guarantee the best results. This is because you need to learn about algorithms and trends and stay up-to-date with viral content to create something that helps us achieve your marketing goals.

However, there will still be a chance that you may not be able to crack the code for a very long time and may struggle to even build an audience.

This should not demotivate you because no matter how complicated social media is, it always has room for creativity which makes it so appealing to everyone.


3. Insane Competition

No matter what you are marketing and whatever your brand is about, the competition can often get too hard to handle.

You constantly need to keep up with the strategies of the competitors to ensure that you learn from their successes and failures while also staying true to your own brand values. This complicated process can involve a great deal of trial and error and some competitors that have been in the business for a long time can be hard to beat.

No one likes this part of brand marketing but you need to remember that if your market is large, you can still survive despite the competition.


4. No Formula For Success

When it comes to marketing, it is not exactly a science and you can never be sure that a specific marketing technique will work for a brand.

Certain best practices for brand marketing can be used, but results can only be guaranteed sometimes. It is all about trying and failing and learning from the results. This takes a great deal of patience and hard work.

Once you have made all efforts, you should remember that success is not impossible to achieve.


5. Creating A Strategy

Brand Marketing starts with a strategy.

If you start without a cohesive strategy, you might get stuck and not know how to proceed with marketing if one initiative fails. While a strategy is definitely helpful and guides you along the oath, creating a strategy is a time-consuming and complicated task.

It requires you to think of all possible outcomes of each marketing decision you make and plan out your marketing initiatives accordingly. However, the results of creating a strategy are phenomenal.


6. Creating A Vision

Every brand needs a vision that motivates its employees and inspires its audience.

A compelling vision would help set the brand apart from its competitors and also, dictate the brand's personality and values.

It can be quite challenging to come up with a brand vision that can be effective in marketing while being unique but this also allows you to be creative and express the idea behind your brand more clearly.


7. Struggles Of Brand Building

Only with amazing ideas and exceptional strategies, your brand can make a breakthrough in the market and leave all competitors behind.

Making sure that you come up with ideas that are more than just good enough and you execute them perfectly is a high-priority task that can be hard to accomplish.


8. Maintaining Brand Relevance

You need to ensure that your brand stays relevant for the customers.

This is a major goal that you must accomplish as part of your brand marketing strategy.

It means you need to come up with a marketing strategy that convinces the audience that they need your product and that your product is better than the one offered by the competitors.


9. Chasing Deadlines

No one likes deadlines - especially not when they come in the way of creativity and innovation.

However, the truth is that when it comes to brand marketing, you have to follow strict timelines in order to market every product and service at the right time while also being great at it. This task can be stressful and is often the least favorite part of marketing for those involved in the process.

The importance of deadlines stems from the fact that they allow you to stay on track, ensuring that each task is completed on time.


10. Following the steps

While creating a branding strategy is itself a huge task to accomplish, making sure that you stick to it and follow each and every step is even harder.

This is because it may be tempting to skip a few marketing steps to speed up the process but doing that can end up adversely affecting the results of the campaign. You might also need to limit your creativity in the process to get effective results on time.

Yet, you can always seek guidance from these steps and avoid landing into chaos in the midst of your project.



Brand Marketing is a creative and fun process.

Having said that, it is also a challenging task that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Not all parts of brand marketing are fun and some can be simply tedious.

The secret to success? Keep a positive attitude throughout the process and only focus on the goals. New tools like the engage platform can also help you focus on the right things.

About Jennifer Gengler

I am a digital content marketer who loves to help peoples and brands get the best exposure online through blogging, outreach or email marketing. I openly embrace new challenges every day and yes, I also have to deal with the things about marketing that most people (secretly) hate.
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