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The global automotive industry is always associated with continuous improvement. Seen as an early adopter of emerging technologies, this sector is constantly at the forefront of innovation. Its size and global reach bring challenges, which range from distribution and pricing issues to counterfeiting and brand protection requirements. engage allows businesses in the automotive sector to oversee their global supply chain, allowing them to pinpoint and solve issues in real time.

The authenticity of automotive parts and accessories is not only a matter of brand integrity, but a vital part of ensuring customer safety. Dark and grey markets pose significant challenges to manufacturers and distributors alike. engage allows brands to ensure the authenticity of car parts, protecting both the brand and the consumer in an ever more complex global market.

Accelerate your marketing efforts with engage

Unlock a wealth of crucial customer data that can be leveraged to fine-tune your company’s marketing and re-marketing efforts. By gaining access to data regarding a consumer’s location, feedback, preferences and purchasing history, marketing professionals can refine their targeting methods to reach your intended audience.

Data is a tool that brands can use to guarantee customer satisfaction, loyalize customers, activate special offers and discounts, as well as educate and inform. engage with customers now to speed up your journey towards a digital future.
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A one-stop-shop to accelerate growth and engage customers

Gain control and oversee your global distribution chain, all in the cloud
Manage your brand’s presence in the market and find new opportunities
Trigger brand protection by ensuring the authenticity of your products
Unlock a wealth of consumer data, including location, purchase history, and more
Leverage customer data and feedback and use it to fine-tune your marketing efforts
Educate and inform consumers of the compliance of your products and adherence to local, national, or international regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of automotive products can be scanned with engage?

You can use your smartphone to scan any car parts and accessories, oils and lubricants, as well as road tax vignettes.

How can I use engage to check the authenticity and compliance of automotive products?

To verify the authenticity and compliance of automotive products, and to participate in special offers and save your favorite items, you can simply use your smartphone camera to scan security labels or features on the product you’re interested in.

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