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Brand protection needs to be at the forefront of every brand owner’s mind. In recent years, counterfeiting has become highly lucrative, which translates into revenue and reputation loss for brands. This is where innovative brand protection and anti-counterfeiting digital solutions such as engage come in.

Our cutting-edge brand protection software gives brand owners an effective, instant way of protecting their products, which allows the end user to verify their purchase using a standard smartphone. engage is simple and easy to implement with no barriers to entry, no Capex, and no requirement for the end user to download a separate app or additional software.

engage is designed to integrate with the existing packaging, but can also be delivered to help with brand recognition and shelf presence.

Custom Brand Protection Strategies to Maximise Revenue and Protect Consumers

With the current minefield of brand protection and anti-counterfeit solutions, brands are faced with a wide array of complex solutions. Most alternative solutions involve either significant Capex, changes to their existing packaging, or specialist tools to verify or need significantly high volumes of uptake to be cost effective.

This is where engage comes in to make life easier for brand owners and marketers. Our platform offers a scalable solution that is quick and easy to implement, with no Capex and no barriers to entry.

Why Brand Protection Should Be a Top Priority For Your Business

In this digital era where counterfeiting is becoming more and more of an issue and counterfeiting attempts are harder to track down, businesses need to make brand protection solutions a priority. Otherwise, they might lose the loyalty of their customers and even lose significant revenue.

Brand owners lose out in three ways:

  • Counterfeits
  • Grey imports (diversion)
  • Loss of consumer confidence
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Actively engage the customers in verifying their own purchase, with the following benefits:


This feature shows exactly where the product has been purchased, which is vital for detecting grey imports, but can also show where your brand’s marketing strategies are effective.
End-user authentication

Easily achieved with the consumer’s smartphone, offering instant verification without the need for specialist readers or additional software.
Increased consumer confidence

Research shows that customers are significantly more likely to choose a product that they can verify the authenticity of.
Full tracking of the product

You can ensure your product is where it should be, and intervene when necessary, in a timely and effective manner.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is engage for?

engage is an all-in-one, cloud-based digital solution that helps in-house marketing teams and marketing agencies provide a better customer experience. It offers a direct line of communication and interaction with consumers, and allows marketers to activate and manage effective marketing campaigns that deliver better results.

How does engage support marketing initiatives?

engage allows marketers to activate, manage, pause, or deactivate marketing campaigns, all in one place. It also unlocks a wealth of detailed user data, including location, preferences, and purchase history, that helps marketers fine-tune campaigns and reach the right audience.

Can I manage multiple brands in the app?

Yes, with engage, marketing agencies or professionals handling multiple clients can manage their brand portfolio directly in the app, within the same account. 

Do I need to change or tweak the packaging of my products?

No, engage does not require any changes in product packaging, allowing you to maintain the product image and user familiarity with your products. 

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