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A digital way to engage over the counter

engage allows the end user to have 100% confidence in their over-the-counter medicines, supplements, and nutraceutical products.

With a simple scan from their smartphone, consumers can check the authenticity of the product and access a wealth of additional information on dosage, shelf life, and how the products can be included to support a healthy lifestyle.

A better way to protect your brand from counterfeiting

Medicines, supplements, and nutraceuticals are a rapidly growing area for counterfeiters, with increasing numbers of these counterfeit products being identified in the supply chain and being presented for sale.

Traditional packaging does not offer any level of deterrent against counterfeiting, and this is where engage comes in.

A cutting-edge solution to keep customers engaged

Our cloud-based app provides a low-cost, easy-to-implement anti-counterfeit protection that can also be used to generate customer loyalty, provide vital marketing information, and be a central part of a brand’s marketing strategy.

With just a few clicks, the app becomes a powerful (re)marketing tool, allowing instant activation and deployment of special offers, promotions, and loyalty programs to engage users. Real-time user interaction, communication, and engagement becomes easier than ever, and brands can achieve long-term customer loyalty.
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The one-stop-shop for all your supplements and OTC products

Instant product verification for the end user
Marketing and promotion opportunities for brands
Loyalty programs to keep customers engaged and returning again and again
Important product information available with a simple smartphone scan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the engage platform for multiple OTC products ?

Yes, you can have multiple products all using the engage app. Additionally, you can link your marketing campaigns to include other products in your range, as well as maximize the marketing potential – you can use engage to promote different products to your customers.

What kind of information can I access by scanning a product?

A simple scan using a smartphone camera will unlock crucial information regarding your over-the-counter products, including expiry dates, ingredients, side effects, manufacturer and country of origin, and more.

Do I need to change the packaging / the design?

No, in most cases this is not necessary. Our app will scan your existing packaging and will link that information to your product. If you also need effective brand protection features you may use features embedded into your packaging with almost no visible impact, if this is what you prefer.

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