Ensure the Validity of Your Security Documents With engage

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Reliable authentication of security documents, at your fingertips

Leverage the power of technology to make sure that your important documents are authentic.

engage provides a new and instant way of verifying important documents, such as birth certificates, visas, vignettes, or professional licenses, with just a few taps on a smart screen. 

Check and validate your important documents - anywhere

With engage, you can check the validity and security features of your documents, wherever you are, using your smartphone, thus eliminating the need for expensive readers.

The digital verification provided by engage is seamless, integrating all the available security tools that focus on overt, covert, and forensic features. The authentication process becomes simple and effective, even to those who aren’t familiar with the security features that (should) appear on important documents.
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A more effective way of validating important documents

Authenticate security features on crucial documents directly from your smartphone
Verify covert features instantly, wherever you are
Easily access information regarding when and where your documents were issued
Ensure the validity of your crucial security documents on the go

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of documents can I scan with engage?

You can use engage to scan crucial documents like driving licenses, professional licenses, education diplomas and certificates, and any other important documents. 

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