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Are you ready to provide a better customer experience to your loyal customers? Are you looking for a better way to reach and connect with your target audience?

For marketing agencies

Organise and oversee your entire brand portfolio in one place, on the go, right in the cloud. Activate, monitor, and deactivate personalised marketing campaigns that target the right audience and turn users into loyal customers.

Manage, refine and optimise brand activations to deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns that match a product with the right customer.

Collect and analyse detailed user data, including location, purchase history, and reviews, to focus your efforts on marketing campaigns that deliver results. The entire customer journey is available to you directly in the cloud.

For marketing teams

engage provides a direct line of communication and interaction with your customers - anywhere, anytime. A few clicks unlock a wealth of opportunities to better connect with users and get real-time information on how they interact with your brand. 

Activate and oversee your marketing campaigns on the go, and make sure your message reaches the right audience. Access detailed data about sales and promotions, and use it to focus on your best-performing markets and initiatives.

Gain control over the entire customer journey to deliver better services and boost your company’s marketing efforts in a cost-effective way. 
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Brand activation tools for higher customer engagement

Oversee the customer journey in real time and collect crucial data regarding consumer preferences, location, and purchase history.
Activate, manage, pause, or deactivate your marketing campaigns, all in one place and with just a few clicks.
Engage and interact with customers directly, manage reviews, gather feedback, and solve complaints in a timely and effective manner.
Fine-tune your marketing efforts and reach your intended audience with features like geolocation-based targeting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is engage for?

engage is an all-in-one, cloud-based digital solution that helps in-house marketing teams and marketing agencies provide a better customer experience. It offers a direct line of communication and interaction with consumers, and allows marketers to activate and manage effective marketing campaigns that deliver better results.

How does engage support marketing initiatives?

engage allows marketers to activate, manage, pause, or deactivate marketing campaigns, all in one place. It also unlocks a wealth of detailed user data, including location, preferences, and purchase history, that helps marketers fine-tune campaigns and reach the right audience.

Can I manage multiple brands in the app?

Yes, with engage, marketing agencies or professionals handling multiple clients can manage their brand portfolio directly in the app, within the same account. 

Do I need to change or tweak the packaging of my products?

No, engage does not require any changes in product packaging, allowing you to maintain the product image and user familiarity with your products. 

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