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A girl looking at her laptop exasperated by marketing goals10 Things We All Hate About Brand Marketing
Brand marketing involves many processes. While certain parts of it are interesting, others can also be stressful! These are some of the most annoying parts of brand marketing.
engage - How to retain customers and foster profound levels of loyalty from your consumer baseThe 5 Stages of Customer Loyalty and Retention: What You Should Know
What are the five stages of customer loyalty? In our latest article, we look at these stages in detail, helping your business achieve more from your customer relationships.
engage - Leverage Technology for Powerful Experiential MarketingHow to Leverage Technology to Create Powerful Experiential Marketing Campaigns
Experiential marketing is all about creating great times and great experiences for your audience and tying your brand identity to this. In our latest article, we look at how you can leverage tech to make this happen.
It looks likely that changes to the industry will be profound as we move toward the COVID recovery phase and beyond.4 Ways the COVID Pandemic Changed the Retail Industry Forever
How has COVID changed retail? It seems that changes in the market will be profound and long-lasting, reshaping the industry, perhaps forever. Discover more in our latest article.
engage Automotive Aftermarket Trends for 2021 and BeyondDigitizing the Automotive Aftermarket to Protect Brands and Consumers - Automotive Aftermarket Trends for 2021 and Beyond
The automotive aftermarket industry is vulnerable to counterfeiting and fraud. Learn more about how digital solutions are helping to fight fraudsters.
engage - QR codes work well in engaging customers and helping them gain the support they need9 Innovative Uses of QR Codes, and How You Can Use Them to Your Advantage
QR codes are revolutionizing marketing, but this is not happening by accident! Instead, it is the work of innovative businesses and forward-thinking marketers who are bringing about this change.
Remarketing is all about bringing back leads and customers who may have otherwise been lost to churn and building profound client relationships in the long term.Why remarketing should be an integral part of your digital/product marketing strategy
With the right remarketing strategy, you can experience significant revenue gains for your business. But what exactly can you do with remarketing? Why is a remarketing campaign strategy so vital to you and your business? In our latest article, we examine this in more detail.
Join us as we explore 8 product marketing misconceptions that are plaguing marketers in 2021 and beyond.8 myths about product marketing, debunked
Marketing myths are killing businesses! Let's take a look at 8 of the most common myths about digital marketing and put them right.
engage - How do you spot counterfeit electronics components and products5 ways to spot counterfeit electronics when shopping online
How do you spot counterfeit electronics components and products? In our latest article, we examine some useful techniques for keeping consumers safe.

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