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What people look for when shopping online and in-store to avoid counterfeits (based on survey results)
Take a look at the results of our counterfeit goods survey and learn more about the steps consumers can take to avoid counterfeit products.
Report: High-End, Niche Beauty Brands Experience Growth During the Pandemic, While Smaller Companies Are Forced to Downsize
As brick-and-mortars closed shop and sales of makeup and cosmetics crashed in the spring of 2020, companies in the beauty industry were forced to rethink their strategies.
Survey: 39% of Brits Drank Less During the Pandemic, While 5% Quit Drinking Altogether
We were curious to see whether people’s drinking habits were affected by the pandemic and the three national lockdowns that were enforced in the U.K. So, we ran a comprehensive nationwide survey, where we asked them about their drinking habits pre- and during-pandemic, their favorite drinks, and more.
1 in 3 Americans Bought Something That Turned Out to Be Counterfeit in the Past Year
We ran a nationwide survey to see how people in the U.S. protect themselves from counterfeiting when shopping online or in physical stores. The results are quite worrying.
Everything you Need to Know About QR Codes
Over the last two and half decades, these handy codes have made their way off the factory floor and into more widespread usage, as increasing numbers of business owners and customers tune in to the benefits that this technology offers.
Survey: One in Five Brits Bought Counterfeit Products in the Past 12 Months
We ran a survey to analyze the behavior of online and in-store shoppers in the U.K., to see how aware they are of the dangers of counterfeiting, and what they do to protect themselves from fake products.
How Digital Solutions Like engage™ Can Help Verify Vaccines in the COVID-19 Era
Digital tools and platforms put the power in the hands of the public, keeping them informed and helping to build trust. Here's how that can be achieved.
engage™: Complete Engagement for Your Business, Total Protection for Your Brand and Customers
Meet engage™, an innovative brand protection and marketing tool that takes your business to the next level and keeps your customers engaged.

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