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Raising the digital bar in the beauty industry

The beauty product industry is extremely competitive, and staying ahead of that competition can be challenging. When customers find a product that works for them, they  keep using it, and that is the ultimate goal for beauty brands.

A strong digital identity that keeps users informed and engaged with your brand is a powerful and effective way to achieve customer loyalty.

A wealth of crucial customer data, at your fingertips

With engage, brands can track the entire product-to-market journey, pinpointing and solving issues in real time and making sure that the end user gets an original and intact product.

With just a few clicks, companies in the beauty industry can unlock invaluable data concerning user preferences, behaviors, and purchasing history. This data can then be used to deploy effective marketing and remarketing campaigns directly on the platform, keeping customers engaged and connected to their favorite brands.

Turn users into lifelong customers with just a few clicks

engage provides beauty and cosmetics brands with an open line of communication with their users. The one-stop-shop, cloud-based solution ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness, eliminating the need for multiple channels, platforms and dashboards. The app allows brands to deploy marketing campaigns, ensure product authenticity and compliance, educate and inform customers, and troubleshoot, all in one place.

Our solution allows your brand to connect with potential users, help them discover your products, and turn them into lifelong customers. Staying connected to your user base and keeping them engaged and interested in your brand is a surefire way to maintain their loyalty.
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An all-in-one cloud solution to keep users engaged

Oversee the product-to-market journey and make sure your items reach their destination safely
Ensure your brand is protected and that your users get only authentic products
Gain control of your supply chain and solve any distribution issues timely and effectively
Unlock a wealth of data regarding user behavior, preferences, and purchasing history
Boost marketing efforts by constantly engaging with users through special offers, loyalty programs, and remarketing campaigns
Educate and inform users about your products, their benefits, ingredients, and get instant feedback on new launches

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products can be scanned with engage?

You can use engage to scan skincare products like serums, moisturizers, masks, and so on, as well as makeup products and accessories such as brushes, applicators, and other tools.

How can I use engage to check my beauty products?

To verify the authenticity of your beauty products and get information on product expiration dates, ingredients, manufacturing, and so on, you can simply use your smartphone camera to scan the security labels or features on the product you're interested in.

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