6 Reasons Why Marketing Agencies Need engage™

February 23, 2021
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Why Marketing Agencies Need engage™

For marketing agencies, the business ecosystem is in flux. This is nothing new, of course — the shift towards a digital way of doing business has been in progress for many years now. But in the last 12 months, the shift has accelerated. Now, more than ever before, marketing agencies must have their fingers on the proverbial pulse. They need to be ready to go above and beyond for their clients and to hit their targets with precision and efficacy.

This is one of the factors that fueled the creation of the engage™ app. Increasingly, marketers are turning to digital tools and platforms to optimize their efforts and to bring their clients' offerings to a wider audience. Not only this, but digital assets are also helping marketers to increase the value of their clients' existing audiences.

However, there is still dissonance in the market. Marketing agencies are sometimes overwhelmed by the level of choice available to them when it comes to digital solutions, and they may find themselves unable to get the best from the tools at their disposal. This is why we wanted to craft something more unified — a harmonious set of functionalities that marketers can use to go further and do more. This is why marketing agencies need the engage™ digital platform.

Read on for six of its biggest advantages for marketing agencies.

1. Unparalleled consumer knowledge

In the information age, knowledge is everything. It's not enough simply to resort to guesswork or to try to estimate and predict buyer behavior. As a marketer, you need to know all of this.

With engage™, marketers can collect customer data in real time and feed this into a centralized platform that makes managing data easy rather than frustrating. This means marketers know precisely where their clients' customers are, what they are responding positively to, what they want to see in the future, and what is turning them off — all in one handy location.

From here, marketers can create the kind of highly targeted consumer segments that really drive value for clients, and make it easy to strategize for the future of digital marketing.

2. A holistic view of the customer journey

The customer journey is another digital marketing challenge that has been around for decades, but it's one that has grown more complex in recent years. Consumers may reach the point of conversion from many different directions, and it may take numerous steps to nurture leads into returning customers.

Marketers need to be able to understand these journeys. They require complete insight into consumer motivation at each step of the process, as well as total control over the route to conversion in order to encourage leads in the right direction.

Achieving this efficiently depends not only on data but also on capability. Marketers certainly need to be able to derive data from the customer journey, but they must wield this data effectively too. This is where a platform such as engage™ comes in. We designed engage™ in order to offer a complete and comprehensive view of the customer journey from start to finish, so that marketers can iron out any inefficiencies and optimize the route that leads are taking.

Could the journey be simplified to make leads convert earlier? Can a recently converted customer be nurtured further, growing their full lifecycle value? How can a lead be encouraged to move beyond a certain phase of the acquisition funnel? The engage™ app is designed to answer these questions.

3. Centralized management for marketing campaigns

We touched on control briefly above, and this is certainly a very important part of marketing. Marketing agencies need to be able to deploy a broad range of different tools and techniques within their campaigns in a concerted manner that achieves the best results for clients. Not only this, but an agency will have to accomplish the same unified approach across many different campaigns, leading to a rapidly growing workload.

With the engage™ platform, marketers can analyze the progress of campaigns, deploy resources, and manage the tactics being utilized — all with just a few touches of a button. Different campaigns for different clients can be managed in different areas of the platform so that everyone remains on the same page and there is no confusion.

The result is a setup that reduces labor and keeps campaigns lean and ready for action even as the client roster grows.

4. Direct engagement with customers

A marketing team needs to be able to deliver the kind of content and services that their clients' customers really need. This requires direct engagement and a proactive approach to using the available data.

One of the core pieces of functionality built into the engage™ platform is its data analytics toolkit. This gives marketers the opportunity to leverage customer experience data. In turn, this means marketers can improve interactions with customers and nurture a long-term relationship.

Marketers can also register their clients' products via the platform so that customers can quickly and easily gain further information on a product simply by scanning it with their smartphone device.

5. More control over digital reputation

Digital reputation is crucial in today's business environment. A poor brand reputation can seriously harm a business and can lead customers to head elsewhere. This makes reputation management an important digital marketing challenge.

With engage™, reputation management becomes straightforward. Not only can businesses provide direct support to customers, fostering a positive reputation with a great customer experience, but they can also go further by gaining insight into where the business is being discussed online.

Complaints surfacing via comments on the business's website itself or via social media can be addressed and counteracted quickly. A timely response to such complaints is a great marketing approach, as it demonstrates that the business is willing to listen and to take customer issues seriously.

6. Location-specific capabilities

Location-based marketing is becoming increasingly important as we move through 2021 and beyond. A business needs to know where its customers are located and what products and services they need based on this location. Marketers, similarly, need to know where to deploy ads and other promotional tools in order to achieve the best possible results.

engage™ makes location-specific marketing straightforward, reducing much of the hassle associated with getting deployment right and eliminating the danger of missed opportunities.

Go further for your marketing agency clients with engage

We've designed the engage™ platform with users in mind, so it is simple and straightforward to achieve great results for your clients when you put it into action. However, we know that you might still have some questions about what we provide, or you might need additional support.

Reach out to our team and let us put your mind at ease, or request a free demo of the engage™ platform to see exactly how it will help your business rise to challenges and find solutions for marketing in the digital era.

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