6 Ways Digital Solutions Make Your Life Better

January 21, 2021
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How Digital Solutions Make Your Life Better | engage™

Digital solutions have revolutionized the ways in which we do things, both in business and in our personal lives. Now more than ever, digital is playing a crucial role in our daily lives, allowing us to work, live, and stay connected, no matter where we are. At engage™, this is exactly our mission: to keep brands connected to their users, anywhere, anytime. Today we want to take a closer look at 6 major ways in which digital tools and solutions have improved our lives, both from a personal and a professional standpoint. Let's see how life and work have become that much easier -- and better -- thanks to digital.

1. They help you better understand life and work

Data is a word with a modern ring to it. But, in fact, for as long as humans have been thinking about their lives and their surroundings, they have been using data to reach their conclusions. Today, data is a little more sophisticated, of course, but the same principles apply -- we use the tools at our disposal to reach the understanding we need.

So, how do you know if it's the right time to launch a product into the market? How can you predict which products your customers are going to engage best with? How do you make the marketing moves that push your business ahead of your competitors?

By relying on a digital solution. Digital platforms store the high volume of data your business produces and consumes each and every day, and then they make this data wieldy and easy to gain insight from. Around 95% of businesses struggle with unstructured data, underlining just how important this issue is.

Analytics software helps you see which pieces of content your audience is engaging with, helping you fine-tune your marketing efforts, while Customer Relationship Management platforms make getting to know your customers a straightforward process.

This also extends to your personal life. You can track your smartphone usage with digital solutions to help you stay on track, and exercise, diet and wellness trackers can enable you to become a healthier, happier version of yourself. 

2. They help you reach the right audience

Perhaps you are a blogger looking to get your ideas out there, or maybe a business owner providing sales-driven content. Or it could be that you are a bit of both. It doesn't matter, you still need to make sure that your work is reaching the right eyes.

Digital solutions are ideal in this regard. You can draw upon data from social media, consumer query platforms, and previous behavior on your website to find out what customers are looking for. You can also use keyword planner tools to find out what your audience is searching for via Google or other search engines, and steer these searchers towards relevant content on your own site or blog.

3. They help you save time

As well as saving you time that you may have spent procrastinating, digital solutions help you save time in other ways. Automation is a prime example here. Think of how many tasks you or your team have to complete on a daily basis -- tasks that are repetitive, menial, and not really worthy of your time or effort. Many of these tasks could be automated by a digital solution, leaving you free to get on with things more suited to your creative and innovative talent. In fact, research suggests that 78% of business leaders predict that they could be saving 360 hours a year with automation -- this is a lot of extra time to spend on other things, like growing your business.

Business owners can also segment their audiences. This enables marketers to save time by targeting specific groups of users with the right approaches and carefully considered content. Segmented leads are also a little bit warmer, and may be positioned higher up the sales funnel, because you already have some insight into what you need.

4. They help you save money

Time is money, as the old adage goes. So, of course, anything that saves you time also saves you money. However, digital solutions can also save you money directly. Data is not just restricted to external sources; it comes from within your business, too. By analyzing potential bottlenecks and drawbacks within your operations, you can reduce costs and save money.

Data and digital platforms also help businesses recognize other costs, too. Perhaps you are paying over the odds for materials or goods from your supplier? Or maybe you could find contractor services cheaper elsewhere? Data gives you this understanding and puts you in a stronger position during negotiations.

Outside of business, digital solutions help consumers manage personal finances, or to connect with the best deals possible for products and services. In this hyper-connected world, putting the right digital solutions to work for you could save you serious money.

5. They help protect you against counterfeiters

Your business deserves to be able to protect the intellectual property you worked so hard to develop. You need a brand that customers can recognize, and immediately identify the quality you can offer. In other words, you need to be able to defend yourself against counterfeiters. Digital solutions are invaluable here, enabling businesses to register genuine products and stop counterfeiters in their tracks. Removing uncertainty around genuine and fraudulent products makes it easier for businesses to stay protected.

These solutions also protect customers. Customers don't want substandard items; they want the quality and reliability that only the genuine article can provide. With the right digital solution, customers can scan a product and immediately verify its status, thus removing the disadvantages and risks of purchasing a fake product.

6. They help you stay engaged in a meaningful way

Digital solutions provide a connection between businesses and the customers who rely on their products and services. A meaningful relationship with a business does not end when the transaction is completed. Instead, it carries on, as businesses nurture their customers from one-off purchasers to loyal brand devotees. This is achieved through the provision of ongoing support, through services that recognize and meet customer needs, and through carefully considered add-on purchases, subscriptions, and offers.

This dramatically improves the customer experience, too, and this is crucial for businesses. It is estimated that it is between 5 and 25 times more expensive to onboard a new customer compared to retaining an old one, and around 90% of customers now factor customer service into the equation when making a purchase decision. Don't underestimate the power of engagement.

Are you ready to get more from life and from business? We have developed engage, an innovative app that helps businesses engage with their audience both en masse and in person, and to keep their products safe from counterfeiters. Customers can use the app, too, to check that what they are buying is genuine. Welcome to the engage app -- reach out to us to schedule a FREE DEMO or to learn more.

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