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How digital solutions like engage help stop fake COVID19 tests and resultsCounterfeit COVID-19 Tests: How to Stop Fake Tests and Results
We live in a digital age, which means a digital solution is required to counteract the challenges we face. Digital platforms like engage™ can certainly assist in this regard and help us — as a global society — to overcome many of the obstacles posed by fake COVID tests.
Anti-counterfeiting strategies to keep safe from fakes | engage7 Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies and Techniques That Keep You Safe From Fakes
Today's counterfeiters are deploying modern solutions and techniques to defraud businesses. As such, your business needs to respond in kind, with digital solutions and brand protection software that work alongside more traditional methods and best practices.
Brand Protection Strategies for the Digital AgeBrand Protection Strategies for the Digital Age
Brand protection should be an integral part of any business strategy nowadays, as counterfeiting threatens to bring significant damage to a brand's reputation and customer loyalty.
Counterfeiting survey in the U.S. | engage™1 in 3 Americans Bought Something That Turned Out to Be Counterfeit in the Past Year
We ran a nationwide survey to see how people in the U.S. protect themselves from counterfeiting when shopping online or in physical stores. The results are quite worrying.
Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with engage™How to Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level With engage™
We have designed an app and platform that provide a complete marketing solution for your team, optimizing your customer acquisition and retention efforts.
How to buy authentic wine and avoid fakes Buying Authentic Wine: How to Recognize a Fake Bottle of Wine
Wine fraud is a lot more common than you think, and high-end, reputable brands are some of the most popular targets for counterfeiters. Here are some ways to recognize fake wine and ensure you're only buying authentic products.
5 Myths about Counterfeiting, Debunked | engage™5 Myths and Misconceptions About Counterfeiting, Debunked
You might think you already know all you need to stay protected from counterfeit items, but do you know how to separate myth from reality?
All you need to know about QR codes | engage™Everything you Need to Know About QR Codes
Over the last two and half decades, these handy codes have made their way off the factory floor and into more widespread usage, as increasing numbers of business owners and customers tune in to the benefits that this technology offers.
Counterfeiting in the beauty industry | engage™Are Your Skincare Products Harming Your Skin? They Might Not Be Authentic
While skin damage or irritation could be the result of an allergic reaction to an otherwise harmless substance, it could also be an indicator of the presence of something more harmful.

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