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Fake car parts are a serious problem right around the world, but it is a problem with a solution.Counterfeiting in the automotive industry: how bad it is and how can you protect your customers?
How bad is the problem of fake auto parts? How many deaths are caused on roads each year by faulty fake car parts? This is a serious problem, but it is a problem with a solution. Learn more in our latest article.
engage - What is mobile marketing and how to make the best of it?What is mobile marketing and how can your brand make the best of it?
What is mobile marketing? Marketing your products and services directly to mobile users is something you need to be doing. Learn more about mobile marketing trends and strategies in our latest article.
engage - Branding vs Marketing - What's Best for Your Business?Branding vs marketing: what's the difference and which should you choose for your business?
Branding vs marketing. What's the difference, and what's the best strategy for your business? How about sales and advertising — and how do you structure your approach to all of these crucial components? Find out more in our latest article.
engage What steps are you taking to avoid counterfeit products?What people look for when shopping online and in-store to avoid counterfeits (based on survey results)
Take a look at the results of our counterfeit goods survey and learn more about the steps consumers can take to avoid counterfeit products.
What Is Product Marketing and How to Unlock Its Benefits in 2021What is Product Marketing and How Can You Unlock Its Benefits in 2021?
What is product marketing? Is your product marketing plan performing at its best in 2021? In our latest article, we look at how you can unlock the benefits of a sound product marketing strategy.
engage™ - Mapping out your customer journey to drive business growthMapping out your customer journey to drive business growth
Your customer journey map is critical to your growth as a business. But how do you map the customer journey and influence the route your customers take to conversion and beyond? Learn more in our latest article.
Everything you need to know about grey markets and how to protect your brand with engage™Everything you need to know about grey markets and how to protect your brand
You have a right to protect your brand from harm, and your customers have a right to be protected from negative experiences themselves. This means staying on top of the threat posed by gray markets and doing your bit to stop unscrupulous traders from profiting off your hard work. What is a gray market? How can a gray market impact your brand? What can you do to protect your brand against the dangers of gray market distribution? Learn more about here.
engage - Beauty industry report 2021Report: High-End, Niche Beauty Brands Experience Growth During the Pandemic, While Smaller Companies Are Forced to Downsize
As brick-and-mortars closed shop and sales of makeup and cosmetics crashed in the spring of 2020, companies in the beauty industry were forced to rethink their strategies.
engage tamper evident Security Hologram QR code serialisationWhat are security holograms and how to make sure they’re authentic
Security hologram stickers are found in all kinds of locations and across all kinds of products. From tax seals on scheduled items such as bottles of wine and spirits to anti-fraud labels on frequently counterfeited items such as DVDs and physical media, these hologram stickers are a common sight and have been for quite some time. Let's look at the history of these security features and learn more about how they work in today's digital age.

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